Our Story

In the summer of 2021, at 15 years old, our Michael was tragically taken from us. Michael was a kid just like any other kid. Check that. He was perfectly imperfect. But he had a superpower. Michael would tell you we all have superpowers. He knew the importance of connection. That was his superpower.

As soon as he could talk, Michael introduced himself and his twin brother to every new kid at the local park. And once in school, that ability to befriend others only expanded as he connected his neighborhood friends to his school friends and his football friends to his theater friends. And on and on. His power attracted a staggering number of people. This was his light.

His connections multiplied because he was brave, confident, and fun. Michael was his authentic self and mostly willing to learn from others to become a better human. This became the inspiration for A Kindness Co. - to keep Michael’s Light shining and to create a stream of kindness and connection - with candles.

We hope you enjoy your hand-crafted candle knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes to entities and individuals who need or spread kindness. Whether you received this candle as a gift or gifted it to yourself, please share that kindness with others. Because a kinder world is a brighter world.  Pass it on!

Seeing Michael’s Light continue to shine means everything. Tag us with a pic of you and your candle on Instagram @akindness.co and @michaels.light.

The McNultys