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Kindness matters.

As many parents do, we talked to our twin boys about being kind to people often.  Throughout their early school years whenever there was an argument in the lunch line at school, a tussle on the playground, or someone just said something hurtful, we told them to "take the high road and be kind".  It didn't always solve the problem instantly.  It took persistence and then some.  Persisting that kindness usually paid off in fast friendships, deeper connections with best pals, or at a minimum - tolerance and respect for each other.

But kindness isn't something you pull out when something bad happens. It can also heighten the positive. You see kindness in the Starbucks drive-thru when the stranger in the car in front of you pays for your coffee or bubble tea.  When a friend brings you a gift for a birthday or new job.  Or when an acquaintance says hello to you in the halls at school. When these stories of kindness were shared at the dinner table, we talked about how can we pass on that kindness to someone else.  Being either the giver or receiver of kindness makes your heart happy.  As you can imagine, it led to lots of lively conversations.

Fast forward to the recent months that followed the death of our young son and twin brother, Michael.  The outpouring of kindness from our community has been overwhelming. Truly overwhelming. But also inspiring. So inspiring, we decided to launch A Kindness Co. from Michael's Light with a mission to spark kindness. 

Our first product is a line of candles and we can't wait to share them with you.  Buy one for yourself, a friend, a co-worker, an acquaintance, or a loved one and spark kindness!

Because a kinder world is a brighter world - pass it on!


Play hard and be kind, 

The McNultys

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